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Lobster Goes On Holiday

One summer morning, Lobster and Clam were sitting at the bottom of the bay watching the loose kelp float by.

“That one looks like a seahorse,” said Clam, blowing bubbles at a particularly curvy piece of kelp.

Lobster sighed. “Clam, all kelp looks like seahorses to you.”

If Clam had proper eyes, it would have blinked. Instead, after a long pause, it giggled, “Yes. You’re right. Glub! Glub!”

Another hour (and more kelp) passed. Finally, Lobster’s antennae straightened up. It tapped Clam with its big crusher claw and said, “Do you know what I think?”

“Oh! I like to think!” Clam exclaimed, blowing more bubbles excitedly.

“I think,” Lobster continued, “I will go on holiday.”

“That’s a wonderful idea!” Clam replied. “What’s ‘holiday’?”

“A holiday,” Lobster said, waving its smaller pincher claw, “is when you go traveling to different places and meet new people.”

“What’s ‘people’?” asked Clam.

Lobster’s round, black eyes looked at Clam. It said, “Never mind, it’s too much to explain. Let’s just say I’m going traveling.”

Clam nodded by wiggling in the sand. “Where will you travel, Lobster?”

Lobster swayed its antennae thoughtfully. “From what I know, Canada is a big country, so there will be plenty of places for me to go. Also, I hear that they are holding special birthday celebrations this year all across the country. I think it is Canada’s 10th birthday.”

Actually, it was Canada’s 150th birthday, but to Lobster, nothing was older than 10.

So Lobster went into its house amongst a pile of rocks and packed a small tin can with a few belongings. After putting on its hat made from a swirly snail shell, it was ready to go on holiday.

When it came out of its house, it was surprised to see a whole group of marine creatures waiting for it, including fish, turtles, humpback whales, harp seals, and actual seahorses (which Clam mistook for kelp).

“What are you all doing here?” Lobster asked.

A seal said, “We were swimming by and Clam looked very excited. It told us you were going on holiday across Canada.”

Clam bubbled. “I’m very happy for you, Lobster!”

“Whoever heard of a happy clam?” asked Lobster.

“We’re all happy for you, Lobster,” said the rest of the marine creatures.

“Thank you,” said Lobster, tipping its snail shell hat with its cutting claw. “Well, I guess I’ll be going now.”

All the creatures waved as Lobster turned and looked out into the wide-open sea ahead. Then it didn’t move.

Clam asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lobster’s freckled brown shell glowed pink from embarrassment. “I don’t know how to travel.”

All the creatures looked at each other. It was true. Lobster was so small. Although it had eight legs, they were so tiny they wouldn’t carry it very far. What was it like to travel around a country as big as Canada?

Lobster looked very disappointed. Its antennae drooped.

Then Clam started to bubble again. “Glub! Glub! I know!” it said, “I have an idea!”

Lobster and all the other creatures gathered in close. Clam never had an idea before, so this was a very special moment.

Clam said, “This is what we will do… ”

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