Story Starters


Billy Burtle Turns into a Turtle

Billy Burtle was on a class trip to the zoo. The entire class was in the reptile exhibit checking out the snakes, lizards, and turtles.

“I dare you to touch its shell,” Julia McDonald said, pointing at a small, motionless turtle.  

“Ha! Ok,” Billy laughed, ignoring the signs throughout the zoo that warned people to never touch the animals. Billy stood on his tippy toes and reached over the glass and into the turtle enclosure. Just as Billy was about the touch the shell, the turtle turned its head and bit Billy on his index finger.

“Ouch!” shouted Billy, as he shook his whole hand in pain. “It bit me!”

Julia laughed. “Come on, let’s go,” she said, as the rest of the class walked to the next exhibit in the zoo.

“Hurry up, Billy!” Julia shouted. “Why are you walking so slowly?”

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Story Endings


,”Ooooooopppppppsssssss”!, said Billy. “Mr. Alexander! Billy Burtle just turned into a turtle!”, said Julia. “Now, Julia, you know you are already in trouble for playing a prank on Tessa yesterday. So- What the”… He looked at Billy. “I hate being a turtle!”, said Billy. “Why were you not talking slow?”, asked Julia. “I think it’s because I feel so much emotion”, said Billy. And he was never a turtle again. The end.

Aug 29

The guy turned into a epic turtle and ran so fast that he went to China and back then he stayed a epic turtle forever and he was happy the end

Aug 28

im a tortuous can you slow down

Aug 26
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