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Inside the Box

“Hey, there’s a package for you!” my dad yelled as he closed the front door.

“A package for me?” I thought. I was 10 years old and had never received anything in the mail. I ran down the stairs.

The brown cardboard box was almost as big as I was. I couldn’t imagine this was for me but sure enough, there was a label on top of the box with my name and address. Who sent me this? And what could be inside?

“Go ahead, open it!” my dad said.

I peeled the tape off the top of the box.

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Story Endings


it was a bunch of movies and video games.

Jul 17

he got in trouble

Jul 16

It was a banch of baby stuff.” Baby stuff I don’t need baby stuff.” I said “ then I saw a letter I picked it up and it said from mom to my daughter.So I opened the letter and it said I’m having a baby here’s the stuff you need to get the house ready for it.I jumped with excitement I was so excited for my mom to have a baby, then I wondered is it going to be a girl or is it going to be a boy? So I picked up the phone and called my mom I said to her.” Hi mom thank you for sending that letter I’m so excited one thing I’m just wondering are you going to have a boy or a girl.” Then she said to me.” I’m having a baby girl.” So I said bye to my mom and I ran to the hospital as fast as I can , when I saw my baby sister then my mom said to me her name is Daisy. Then I said to Daisy “ I love you little sister and I promise nothing will ever hurt you .

Jul 16
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