Inside the Box

“Hey, there’s a package for you!” my dad yelled as he closed the front door.

“A package for me?” I thought. I was 10 years old and had never received anything in the mail. I ran down the stairs.

The brown cardboard box was almost as big as I was. I couldn’t imagine this was for me but sure enough, there was a label on top of the box with my name and address. Who sent me this? And what could be inside?

“Go ahead, open it!” my dad said.

I peeled the tape off the top of the box.

Story Endings


Nothing. There was nothing but a blank piece of paper. I drew on it and….. EXPLODED! T H E E N D

Sep 01

I see 17 crickets and I knew it was from my best friend, Jamie. He’s always doing weird things. SO I picked up my phone and dialed his number.

“Not funny, dude,” I said.

“What do you mean?” he asked as was surprised that he had no clue what I was talking about.


Aug 30

He opened the box. Inside the box was a ordinary board game. John was so disappointed that he cried and cried, he never thought that he would get a board game for his birthday. Then at night John heard a weird noise. So he went down into the basement to find the board game making the weird noise he was so sad that he got a board game that he did not see in the board game their was a hamster. John lived happily ever after


Aug 27

Inside was the box was the greatest mountain bike I ever saw. It was my birthday and my Dad had planned the best surprise ever. So we took our bikes, rode through the woods and had a birthday picnic in the clearing of the forest. It was the best day ever!

Aug 26

There was a monster as big as him then it murdered the whole family


Aug 23

He opened the box and there was a box and more boxes inside that box then he jumped into it and then he fell and at the bottom of the box there was lots of money it was like a tub full it!

Aug 22

it was a gift that arrived at our home and it was a gift for dad, me, and Remi, inside the gift was an oculus quest, my brother was so excited that he finally has an oculus quest.

Aug 22

It read: Dear, Lily, you are invited to Carmen’s first ever awesome sleepover! On Friday November 13,2019, (she is gonna be 11!). I tell my parents about the sleepover. They gave me permission to go. That sleepover came very quickly. That sleepover was a big old ugly thing. Carmen bossed me around. And kicked me out of her house! In the middle of the night! So Mom came, with the help of my Cell phone. So, I have learned a lesson. Carmen stinks!😂

Aug 21

my mom side to me go in your box but I side NO but mom im 12 now im cool but she side I no but go in the box now plz I im so sad now but she side love and your dad I do but I don’t need to go in box

Aug 21

I found a cute little rabbit inside. And a letter from my aunt Lucy. I picked it up and read it. It said: Dear Rebbeca, It was chirstmas yesterday but i forgot to give you a present. So i got you this rabbit. Take good care of it. I thought of a name for the rabbit, Rosie. I hope you like it. Merry Chirstmas Rebbeca. love Aunt Lucy

I liked the name Rosie so i kept it. The next day me and my mom went to the pet store to buy food and accessories for Rosie. When we were going my mom asked me Are you sure you can handle the responsability of taking care of a rabbit? Ofcourse “i can mom” I said. I promise to take care of Rosie. And i did!

Aug 21

Then dad said ew, a spider he ran to his room and locked his door and did not come out for the end of the day. Ha ha ha that was a good trick!

Aug 21

there were some toys from my uncle.

Aug 18

I saw the little tail that’s one hamster!

Aug 17

There were cuts so I got nervous but I kept ripping “ho ho ho” the box shock I screamed I ran to the kitchen grabbed a pair of scissors and slowly walked to the living room I stabbed the box I tore it open, and sitting in side the box was a little puppy.

Aug 12

I saw some holes in the box and continued to open it. I saw two beautiful blue eyes in the box. I open it and there was a puppy with a red collar. There was a note attached to it. It said “Dear Nikki, I am sorry I missed you birthday last month and I knew you have always wanted a puppy so I got you one, I named her Roxy, I hope you like her.Love Grandma.” I was so excited for a puppy. My parents looked happy and my sister Brianna loved her. We all decided to keep her name Roxy. I played with roxy all day and I put my little sisters baby hat on Roxy. She looked sooo cute! It was almost bedtime so I went to the computer and I thanked grandma. She said she was glad I was liking our new puppy.Roxy grew up to be a well trained dog and was very loyal. She keeps an eye on me even when I’m with my freinds. I can tell she was ready to pounce just in case. I loved my new dog very much. THE END

Aug 10

OMG she said it was a computer for me!!! yes,said dad thx whoever gave me this THE END

Aug 10


Aug 06

when i saw a brown eyes!I teared the box apart to see a cute little cat THE END

Aug 05

It was a surprise when I opened the box there was another box and in that box there was another one and it went on .At last there was a small seed i took it and plant it and it green into a large beans stalk

         THE END !
Aug 03

It was a dog I was so happy!!

Aug 02

And opend it and she went in it and she Stayed in the.

The end

Aug 01