Story Starters


A Cat’s Life


I am a cat. I live on a farm and protect my humans by scaring mice all day. I travel as I please and go where I want to. It is a great life.

Sometimes, I get into trouble by wandering into places that I shouldn’t. Today was one of those days. I saw a small cave that was just waiting to be explored.

So I strolled into the dark cave.

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Story Endings


In the cave there was a bear and it scared the kitty out because it did not like any visitors and then the kitty ran and it told a lie to its owners and said it didn’t go anywhere where it wasn’t supposed to go but in real life it had gone to the cave. And the owner didn’t believe the story. So the owner went around to all the places where a cat could have gone and the bear told him/her that the cat had been there. They put the cat in its kitty house and made it stay in there for the whole next day for a consequence for telling a lie. The end.

Aug 30

there was a big spider web. and I got stuck in that.

I learned my lesson and will not go to places I should not.

Aug 29

I slowly walked in the dark cave until I stopped. There was faint echoes until I saw …. WOOF WOOF! I heard loud barking until a dog appeared out of the darkness and chased me into the forest. thankfully I lost the dog and found my way home. THE END!!!!

Aug 29
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