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Trapped in a Video Game

“AHHH!” Alice yelled as she threw down her controller in frustration. “I’ll never pass this level!”

Alice had been playing a video game called Dino Quest 2D for the past two weeks, and was stuck on the third level. Her character had to avoid every charging T-Rex by jumping over them and then duck under the flying pterodactyls. But the dinosaurs came so rapidly that Alice could never manage to react quickly enough.

Tonight, she was extremely frustrated and tired. It was already past 10 p.m. and she could barely keep her eyes open.

Despite being so tired, she picked up her controller and pushed the start button to retry. But her eyelids were so heavy that she finally gave in and shut them, and was soon fast asleep with the controller in her hand.

When Alice woke up the next morning, she could not believe her eyes. “No, it can’t be!” she said. She rubbed her eyes and looked around her room. Then she ran and looked out her window, and then down the stairs to open the front door. Everything she saw was flattened into two dimensions, just like in Dino Quest 2D.

“Help! I’m trapped inside a video game,” Alice yelled as she stepped onto her front lawn. And then she heard the charging dinosaurs and flying pterodactyls making their way down her street towards her.

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Story Endings


she found the first gorillas alive and lived with them

Jul 17

alice punched and won and was back home

Jul 16

Alice desperately called out for help,but being alone in a jungle full of rampaging dinos, nobody heard her. So she hacked the game and beat all the levels then she started playing FORTNITE and got stuck again. this time being a noob she didnt know how to hack so she got shot and died.

                                                           THE END
Jul 16
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