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The Squirrels at the Door

Izzie walked into the kitchen where her dad was preparing lunch for the family.

“Hi, Izz,” he said while stirring the soup. “What can I do for you?”

Izzie replied, “Dad, there are squirrels at the door and they’ve asked to borrow some paint.”

Her dad smiled. Izzie always had the best imagination. “Oh? Well, we have some leftover in the shed from when we were painting the fence. The squirrels can have that. They can borrow the brushes, too.”

“Thanks, dad!” said Izzie, and she ran off.

Next, Izzie approached her mom who was curled up on the sofa reading a book.

“Mom, there are squirrels at the door and they’ve asked to borrow some fabric and string,” Izzie said.

Her mom chuckled. “Okay, Izzie. I have some spare fabric and yarn in my sewing closet. I think the squirrels will really like all the different colours.”

“Thanks, mom!” said Izzie, and she ran off.

Later, Izzie was digging around in her big sister’s room when she came in.

“Hey,” said her sister, “what are you doing in my room?”

Izzie said, “There are squirrels at the door and they’ve asked to borrow some paper and scissors.”

Her big sister stared at her for a second then sighed, “Fine. Just make sure they bring back my scissors.”

“Thanks!” said Izzie, and she ran off.

Throughout the day, Izzie went from room to room borrowing many different odds and ends. She piled everything into her wagon and headed to the door.

“Hey, Izz,” said her dad as she walked past her family, “is all that stuff for the squirrels?”

“Yep,” said Izzie.

“She really has a big imagination,” said her mom.

Her big sister just sighed again.

Later in the afternoon, dad, mom, and Izzie’s big sister were in the living room when they heard a commotion coming from outside.

Dad looked out the window and saw all their neighbours standing on the street.

Izzie ran by pointing at the front door excitedly. “The squirrels are ready! Look! Look!” she shouted.

Her family followed her outside.

“Oh, wow!” said her big sister.

They couldn’t believe what they saw…

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