Story Starters

The Third Period

The Foxes arrived for the 3-on-3 hockey game and looked onto the ice to scout their opponents. The Foxes were the defending champions. They had heard all the rumours about this year’s rough and tough challengers: The Ice Breakers. 

“These guys do look tough”, said Little Fox, as he watched Polar Bear, Walrus, and Seal skate around with mean looks on their faces.

“We can take them,” said Middle Fox, and Big Fox nodded in agreement.

Puffin — the old referee — dropped the puck and the game was underway. Rather than going for the puck on the draw, Polar Bear body checked Big Fox to the ground. Polar Bear scooped up the puck, wound up, and took a slap shot that went over Little Fox’s shoulder and into the top corner of the net. 1-0 Ice Breakers.

Play continued with the players skating up and down the ice at a frenetic pace. When the puck went into a corner, Walrus checked Middle Fox into the boards. Walrus picked up the puck and took a wrist shot. It went straight through the legs of Little Fox in goal. 2-0 Ice Breakers.

The Foxes re-grouped and the game continued. The Foxes were having a difficult time scoring on Walrus, who was stopping all the pucks with his huge body. Near the end of the second period, Seal took the puck behind the net and surprised Little Fox with a skilful wraparound. 3-0 Ice Breakers.

Puffin blows the whistle to signify the end of the second period.

“These guys are way too big and strong,” says Middle Fox.

“Yea, and it’s impossible to score on Seal. He’s covering, like… 95% of the net!” said Big Fox.

“We can do this!” shouted Little Fox. “We’re only down 3-0.”

The Foxes huddled up and talked about what they would do.

Puffin blew the whistle to start the third period… 

Story Endings


The little fox and the middle fox distracted the opponents: polar bear and the seal. The foxes took their hockey sticks and pretended that they were passing the puck to each other. The polar bear and the seal thought they had the puck, so they tried to steal it. While the 2 foxes were keeping them busy, the big fox actually had the puck. He was trying to score. He took his hockey stick and pretended that he was going to shoot the puck to the left. As soon as the walrus shifted his body to the left to block the shot, the big fox swiftly and quickly turned the hockey blade to the opposite direction and made his shot. He scored. They repeated the strategy 3 more times and finally won. The referee was impressed because the foxes used their hockey skills and mental skills to win.

Sep 07

They all agreed on little foxes plan. Big fox kicked the puck to middle fox who passed it to little fox. Little fox slid the puck right under seals nose ten times!!!! YAHOO!! We won! The end🏆

Sep 05

The opposing team tried to score but they couldn’t because the the big fox had polished their slippers and they were were scoring goals Soon the score was 3=3 and the middle fox scored a half goal and the little fox completed it by scoring another half goal and the soon found out that foxes enemies had been playing foul and they were banned from playing forever.

Aug 26
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