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Can Sharks Play Baseball?

Sharkie McShark always dreamed of being a star baseball player, but there were a few challenges. For one, he would have to find a helmet for his rather large head. Secondly, it’s a bit hard to grip a baseball bat without fingers! A shark could dream, couldn’t he?

One day, while he was swimming and dreaming about baseball, Sharkie McShark was swallowed by a blue whale. He was shocked to find…

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A baseball bat and a baseball in the stomach of the blue whale. He used his fins to grab the baseball bat and hit the baseball to open the whale’s mouth and swim out!!!!!

Jul 10

Hi there my name is Alina I am 5 years old I have a 4 Sisters and one brothers my favorite food is Ice cream 🍦

Jul 10

he got transformed then the blue whale spit him out and now the shark had a smaller head,and some fingers. so he tried out for a baseball team. he wasn’t very good but that wasn’t going to stop him! he practiced for a whole year the next year he thought he had improved so he tried out again. this time the coach said he was very good and good be on the team in just a couple weeks the coach came back to Sharkie and said he was so good he was to good for the team so sharkie went to the next level which was where he became the star player his dream came true.

Jul 07
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