Story Starters

Can Sharks Play Baseball?

Sharkie McShark always dreamed of being a star baseball player, but there were a few challenges. For one, he would have to find a helmet for his rather large head. Secondly, it’s a bit hard to grip a baseball bat without fingers! A shark could dream, couldn’t he?

One day, while he was swimming and dreaming about baseball, Sharkie McShark was swallowed by a blue whale. He was shocked to find…

Story Endings


Fish bones that can become his baseball bat. Alive fish in tummy of the whale to become his ball. The whales fins as his baseball gloves.Then he saw another shark who even liked baseball so they both played together. They were tired and hungry after playing so they ate the fish that the whale had in its tummy.

Aug 26

a huge pizza! Who knew whales ate pizza!! Sharkie McShark said.

Aug 19

a shark wizard. Sharkie McShark was weirded out that a shark could be a wizard stuck in a whale. But since he was a wizard he pleaded if the wizard could help him get out and help him be a baseball player.

The shark wizard was fortunely nice (in a weird way), and said he would help if he did his 3 tasks. Sharkie mcShark wondered why he had to do those tasks in a WHALE but he did it anyway.The wizard then got them out with his …wand.The wizard made a stadium and riduiculous uniforms and teached Sharkie McShark to a pro baseball shark.

Aug 17
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