Story Starters

One Stormy Night

On a stormy night, Asha and her brother Ayan are at their grandpa’s house.

Grandpa is fast asleep and they can hear him snoring upstairs. There is a flash of light and the electricity goes out. Grandpa’s house doesn’t have many windows, so it is so dark. They can barely see their own fingers.

Ayan takes out a flashlight, turns it on and starts moving it around.

Suddenly, they hear a creaky noise and Ayan points the flashlight at the wall!

“Oh my gosh, it’s…

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Story Endings


Ghost! Ayanna and I run down the stairs but my clumsy little brother fall the second step to the bottom.Sigh I pick him up and we keep on running until I reached my room.I threw my little brother on the bed and locked the door. But I realise something The ghost is inside my room! And it’s coming closer….closer….closer.

Jul 09

…. a super scary …. mouse! They were super scared at first but then they said, “ Whoa! That mouse is very cute!” So then they said, “Can we keep it Grandpa?” He said if you can take care of it, you can keep it.”

The End

Jul 08

A dog! they shout .I’ll take care of it says Ayan no i will says Asha Then the dog speaks and says that they should both take care of him and they became famous for having a talking dog The End

Jul 07
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