Story Starters

One Stormy Night

On a stormy night, Asha and her brother Ayan are at their grandpa’s house.

Grandpa is fast asleep and they can hear him snoring upstairs. There is a flash of light and the electricity goes out. Grandpa’s house doesn’t have many windows, so it is so dark. They can barely see their own fingers.

Ayan takes out a flashlight, turns it on and starts moving it around.

Suddenly, they hear a creaky noise and Ayan points the flashlight at the wall!

“Oh my gosh, it’s…

Story Endings


a Montser. Ayan and Asha were so scared, But Ayan still went a bit closer and brighten the area up a bit with the light of his torch and found out it was a TV Show his Grandpa was watching earlier.

Aug 30

a monster! Asha and Ayan were so scared but Ayan went closer and Ayan Found out it was a TV his Grandpa was watching earlier.

Aug 30

a monster OMGG run away!!, says ayan. ayan and asha sprinted to grandpa’s room. suddenly the lights turn back on. they look behind and they see that the monster was doing something. the monster takes off a costume, it is there MOM! then grandpa and mom shout APRIL FOOLS DAY! and they all start laughing.

Aug 23
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