Story Starters

Thunder Bus

Kwame boarded the school bus and took his regular seat next to his best friend Momo.

While he daydreamed and looked out the window, it began to rain. The bus drove into the tunnel under the bridge just as the lightning flashed and then the thunder boomed.

When the bus exited the tunnel, it wasn’t raining anymore. In fact, it was sunny and they weren’t on their way to school anymore!

Looking out the window they saw…

Story Endings


a beautiful rainbow and unicorns with leprechauns and a pot of gold that’s when they learned that the bus tunnel and the school was magic . their parents were witches, wizards fairies ….they were like the real life Harry Potter.

Sep 07

A gigantic Taipan snake and it was eating ice cream and said “do you wants some”.

Sep 01

they saw a mountain and a theatre. when Kwame blinked they weren’t in the bus anymore they ware on a train. it started raining with lighting Kwame and Momo wandered why they were on a
train. nobody was on the train nobody was driving the train. in a few hours they weren’t on earth they were on mars. they were the first ones to find life on another planet whattttttttt they asked the aliens if they can home. a few seconds they on the bus telling everyone what happened. the end

Aug 25
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