Story Starters

Thunder Bus

Kwame boarded the school bus and took his regular seat next to his best friend Momo.

While he daydreamed and looked out the window, it began to rain. The bus drove into the tunnel under the bridge just as the lightning flashed and then the thunder boomed.

When the bus exited the tunnel, it wasn’t raining anymore. In fact, it was sunny and they weren’t on their way to school anymore!

Looking out the window they saw…

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Story Endings


a book world. Kwame and Momo slowly step down from the bus. The world was full of books and people who lived in the book world,they love to read books. That world was the most amazing world that they never seen. They thought they need to find a way to go back to school, so they asked to people and they said “If you read a book, you will find the way to go back to school”. They climbed the book mountain, crossed the book bridge and saw a wonderful book tree. Finally, they found a book that they can go back to school, so they go back to their school. And now, they read many books everyday.

Jul 09

Camp half-blood for demigods

Jul 09

a giant popcicle! The litghnig had transported them to sumer land; were it was always summer. As soon Kwame was about to bite in to a big popcicle he woke up Momo was shaking him, “Kwame were at school now you fell a sleep!”

Jul 09
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