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Correct answer: Answer 2


In the book I Can, Too!, readers follow the story of Piper and Kayla, who love to move and learn about different types of adaptive equipment that help people to stand or get around if they are not able to use their legs or they cannot walk far distances. Which of the options below is considered adaptive equipment?

Correct answer: Correct answer

Explanation: Technology is advancing, allowing inventors to create equipment that can make things more inclusive for everyone. Other adaptive equipment includes hiking wheelchairs, inclusive playgrounds, mobility carts, reciprocating gait orthoses (RGOs), sit skis, standing frames, therapeutic riding, wheelchairs and wheelchair lifts.

Further reading: To learn more about Piper and Kayla's story and adaptive equipment, borrow I Can, Too! from your local library. Staff can also help you locate more books on adaptive devices and picture books about making new

Question 3

Correct answer: 2

Explanation 3