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Charlotte and the Rock

Charlotte and the Rock
Charlotte and the Rock
by Stephen W. Martin
4.0 stars
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*An unexpected friendship forms between a girl and her pet rock in this charming story that’s perfect for fans of *What Pet Should I Get?
Charlotte has always really wanted a pet, so when her parents present her with one for her birthday she expects a cat, dog, or maybe a bird. Instead, she receives a rock. Rocks can’t cuddle, fetch, or even help her eat her vegetables, but that doesn’t stop Charlotte from loving her rock as if he were real. If only he could love her back…or can he?

Kids' Reviews

4.0 stars

I love this book because a little girl’s name, Charlotte, wants a pet. So on Charlotte’s birthday, her parents bought a pet, Rock. That’s not what Charlotte had in mind. It was very hard to walk because it was heavy. But it was a very good listener. One day it cracked. Boom! A dinosaur came out. That’s not what Charlotte’s parent had in mind. It was a very good listener and pretty good at hide-and-seek, and easy to train. Charlotte loved her dinosaur. The book is really cool because dinosaurs now don’t exist. However, I feel that this book does not have a clear message.

Aug 27
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