by Robert Munsch
5.0 stars
5 Reviews

It's Saturday morning and Ashley just wants to go outside and play. Who cares if her hair is messy? Mom does!

Ashley hates it when her mom puts braids in her hair. It looks nice when it's done, but she has to sit still for hours while her mom brushes and pulls and braids: back and forth, up and down, round and round. It takes ALLLL day, and Ashley never has time to do anything fun. That is, until Grandma comes for a visit, and they decide that it's time to braid MOM'S hair!

Robert Munsch is the father of two girls who did NOT like it when he put braids in their hair. This story will appeal to every kid who hates it when Mom or Dad fusses over their appearance!

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Book Reviews

5.0 stars

I have this book at home, and it is so easy, but really, extremely, very, funny. You should read this book, and his other books!🤣

Aug 27
5.0 stars

I liked it! It was funny!

Aug 08
5.0 stars

funny! cute !!!!!!!!!!!:)

Aug 02
5.0 stars

Really funny book!

Jul 12
5.0 stars

Love it

Jul 10
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