Dragon Assassin

Dragon Assassin
Dragon Assassin
by Arthur Slade
5.0 stars
2 Reviews

Carmen is top of the class at assassin school. She is an expert with bladed weapons and poisons, and a skilled rider of the giant black swans that assassins use for their missions. But in a practice sword fight, her twin brother "accidentally" blinds her in one eye. Even worse, the assassin school is under attack and her brother may have betrayed them. Can she save the school after making a pact with a dragon?  

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5.0 stars

First book is really interesting, because of the plot twists and how everyone is not who they seem to be 5/5 do read

Jun 23
5.0 stars

I loved this book I personally love books like this I love phantasy/Medieval books I highly recommend this book to other people maybe whoever reads this will want to read this book. :D

Jun 18
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