by Briana Corr Scott
4.5 stars
12 Reviews

An old woman’s wish for a child is granted in the form of a thumb-sized girl born inside a flower. Though the child brings the woman much joy, Wildflower cannot be planted in one place; she must go where the wild wind blows. 

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5.0 stars

This is a heart-breaking story when the little girl left her mother far away.

Jun 23
5.0 stars
         I loved the book because it had some turns like from the mole and rat. Also I did not think that the rat and mole had to do that because they could of just said that they don't want her to leave and she could of went back to the rat and mole for visits time by time and the rat and the mole wouldn't like it if she put them away from there family in the dark and make them be lonely. I also love how wildflowers mother is so caring and loving,
overall I love the book! 
Jun 23
4.0 stars

I thought that this book was about adventure and nature. It was about a girl named Wildflower that explored nature and met new animal friends on the way. I really liked this book and if you like nature this book is for you.

Jun 22
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