by Cary Fagan and Dasha Tolstikova
4.5 stars
14 Reviews

Annabelle discovers an animal bone in the woods and decides to make it her new plaything. At first, Boney, as Annabelle names him, makes the perfect companion. While Mom is busy with the baby, Boney and Annabelle share a meal, play at the park, and share a bedtime story before Annabelle tucks Boney into his shoebox-bed for the night. But when creatures run wild through her dreams, Annabelle considers where Boney really belongs.

Kids' Reviews

5.0 stars

It’s a great story for children to read

Aug 23
5.0 stars

I love this book. It was a great story

Aug 18
5.0 stars

So awesome I wanted it re read, right away!!!

Aug 15
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