My Beautiful Birds

My Beautiful Birds
My Beautiful Birds
by Suzanne Del Rizzo
3.5 stars
3 Reviews

Inspired by the colourful birds flying in the sky, a refugee child’s hopes and dreams continue to soar free.

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Book Reviews

4.0 stars

I gave this book 4 stars because a boy likes birds and I like birds. But Sami has to go to a type of village but he missed his birds but one day he found beautiful birds but one was a pigeon. Like all the rest of his birds he used to have.

Aug 08
3.0 stars

I think this is a good book because Sami really loves birds but he had to leave home and say goodbye to his bird friends but he found a new home and he was safe there. Sami always remembered about his birds. But one day he saw birds and the birds came to him. Sami said to the birds this will be your new home. At school Sami made kites and drew birds on it. After that day he was friends with his new bird friends. This is a good book.

Aug 07
4.0 stars

I liked this story very much. There was both doubt and joy. The illustrations looked like they were made out of clay, which they were! It was sad that the main character’s city burned down. It made me feel like you don’t need everything that you want: you just need a few things.

Jun 30
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