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How to Run a Successful Program

***Updated in April 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic***

Running an online program

Many libraries are looking for online solutions in the face of extended service disruptions and continued physical (social) distancing measures. It’s difficult to say when libraries will reopen or when families will feel comfortable visiting their local library and receiving print material.

As in past years, kids will be able to register and participate online through the TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC) website, which will launch on June 15. The website will allow kids to do the following:

  • Create an online notebook—Kids can generate web access codes directly on our website. This allows them to create their own digital notebooks, which link to their respective library systems. Kids can track their reading by adding the books they read over the summer to their digital notebooks. There is also a special section in their notebooks to record reading material other than books, such as games and recipes. Kids can personalize their notebooks with a nickname and avatar, and the notebook will store any contributions kids make to other parts of our website, such as jokes and stories (see below). Each time a kid adds a book or submits content, they are rewarded with a digital badge that is stored in their notebook.

  • Read ebooks—We have ebooks for all ages and interests, and in both English and French. Once kids set up their online notebooks, they can access the ebooks at any time over the summer—no waiting lists or restrictions!

  • Vote in the Battle of the Books—This is an 8-book tournament in which two books battle for top choice each week. All of the books are available as ebooks, so kids can read the books online and then vote for their favourite. At the end of the summer one book will be crowned as the summer’s champion.

  • Review books—Kids can share what they think about books they have read for other kids to see.

  • Participate in weekly trivia—Each week, we will have a new multiple choice trivia question for kids to answer. After selecting an answer, kids see an explanation and a prompt to explore the topic further.

  • Write stories—Our silly stories ask kids to add their own words to a pre-written, hidden story. Once kids fill in the word prompts, the full story is revealed—and it’s usually silly! We also have story starters, where kids continue writing a story that we’ve started for them. Kids can read the story endings that other kids have submitted.

  • Read and write jokes—Kids can write their own jokes and read the jokes submitted by other kids. There is an option to like a joke and sort the jokes by most popular and trending.

  • Read an original web comic—Kean Soo has written an original web comic called The Transfer Student. Kids can read it and then participate in discussion questions with other kids. For bilingual kids, Yves Bourgelas has written an original web comic in French that they can check out as well.

  • View author/illustrator readings and workshops—We will be offering 28 online readings and workshops that can be accessed through the kids’ site, including videos from Dave Whamond, Kean Soo and Yves Bourgelas.

  • Print colouring sheets—Colouring sheets ranging from simple to advanced for parents to print out for kids of all ages.

  • Find the perfect book—Kids answer our book-finder questions to find the book most suited for them.

You can encourage families to do at-home book reporting by sharing our written and illustrated book reports.

You may also want to consider sharing our colouring sheets and other our passive programming templates on your online platforms as printable activities.

The TD Summer Reading Club will also be on YouTube this summer! Please invite your community to visit Bibliovideo to share and enjoy videos related to Canadian books for children. We’ll be adding videos to the TD SRC Bibliovideo playlist (link to come) over the summer. You can subscribe to the Bibliovideo newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest news. Your library can also add videos—see the submission guidelines and the tip sheet with links to how-to videos.

Registration of participants and statistics 

New this year, we will be reporting on the number of online notebook registrations per library. Online participation will count towards your library’s registrations.

Library contacts and regional administrators will receive an email containing a link to the statistics form at the end of the summer. More information on this will be provided in a blog post this summer.

Join our online community for ideas and inspiration

Want to connect with other libraries to find out how they are adapting their program to respond to COVID-19? Join our new Facebook group “TD Summer Reading Club community_La communauté du Club de lecture d’été TD.” This is a members-only supportive platform where you can share tips, program successes and best practices, as well as ask questions within our community. To join, click on the group name above and choose “Join Group” once you are on Facebook. 

We are working hard to make the 2020 edition of the TD Summer Reading Club a success and will do our best to support libraries and their communities through this challenging time. This is a rapidly changing situation and we will continue to respond to the situation as it unfolds.