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COVID-19 Update #6

May 11, 2020

As you know, we are working hard to shift to an exclusively online program and to find ways to support libraries and families through this difficult time. We hope the FAQ below will help address some of the questions you may have about the changes we’re making to the Club. Please share this information with your staff and colleagues and let us know if you have any other questions. We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward.

Hannah Promotions prizes:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is affecting different parts of the country in different ways, Hannah Promotions will be reaching out to libraries to offer the following options for delivering any TD SRC prizes (t-shirts, colouring tote bags, decks of cards, etc.) that you ordered from Hannah Promotions.

o   Option 1: Pay for your order and receive your goods as originally scheduled.

o   Option 2: Pay for your order, but hold the goods at the Hannah Promotions facility for future delivery.

o   Option 3: Only pay for the goods once received—hold the materials at the Hannah Promotions facility until further notice.

If you did not order anything this year, or if you would like to order more, you will have the opportunity to order items in early 2021. New items will be available in addition to this year’s inventory.

TD SRC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Game On! still the theme for 2020? 

Yes, Game On! remains the theme for 2020 and will also be carried over to the 2021 program, along with the artwork from this year. We will refresh our 2021 booklists and online activities so that the program feels new and exciting next summer. 

Will individual libraries know the names of the kids who have registered for TD SRC? 

For the safety and protection of children, we do not collect, store or share any personal data through the TD SRC website, including names or email addresses.

How do you ensure kids do not share personal information on the Kids’ Site?

The TD SRC team moderates all content before it gets shared on the Kids’ Site, including kids’ nicknames. We will not approve any submissions that include personal information and advise kids of this at the point of registration.

Is the Kids’ Site data encrypted both in transit and at rest?

Yes, we use SSL to encrypt data in transit and all sensitive user data is stored encrypted in the database.

Do you have regular maintenance windows?

Yes, database maintenance is done around 2:00 am EST and affects the app minimally. 

Is there a deadline for when kids can view or add content to their notebooks?

Kids can add content to their notebooks up until September 7. They can continue to view their notebooks until October.

Is it possible to report on the number of French- and English-language registrants separately?

Unfortunately, no. The data is reported as one since this is one bilingual app and not two separate sites.

What should we do if the website goes down?

While this is not a common occurrence, we do have an app that lets us know when the site is down and we will respond as fast as we can.

How will kids identify their library?

After entering their postal code or the name of their city, kids will choose their library from a dropdown list of participating libraries in their area.

Will you be gathering and reporting data on the number of books read or time spent reading?

We do not collect data on the number of books read or time spent reading as our research indicates these are not the best indicators of program impact.

Can we link to the TD SRC Kids’ Site and use TD SRC visual assets on our online platform?

Yes, you can use our visual assets for your online program. Please be sure to keep our branding guidelines in mind.

Will the accessible print and electronic material be available this year?

CELA and CNIB will also be holding back their notebooks, both in accessible print and accessible electronic formats, until 2021. Please refer to Plan for Accessibility on the Staff Site for ideas on how to make your online program more accessible.

What stats will libraries need to report in the annual staff survey at the end of the summer?

We’re in the process of hiring a third party to conduct our annual staff survey. We will be posting the survey on the Submitting Statistics page of the Staff Site. The 2020 survey will be similar to last year’s survey, except respondents will be able to skip questions about in-person programming and outreach, and we will likely remove questions about the print materials. Your library will be asked to report how many online registrations you received through the TD SRC website (we will send you this information at three points over the summer), as well as how many other registrations you received through your own registration processes.