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CELA Accessibility Award

August 08, 2018

Please join us in congratulating Bibliothèque Jean-Lapierre (Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec) for winning the first CELA Accessibility Award for making their program more accessible to participants. They considered the needs of children with print disabilities in the planning stages of their summer reading program, and through training their program monitors about best practices for kids with learning and other disabilities. The monitors also provided one-on-one support so everyone could participate equally. Well done!

Hi Jill, I'm Rachel from CELA and I thought I'd reply to your question by giving a summary of how Bibliothèque Jean-Lapierre in Îles de la Madeleine made their club accessible. All the communication with this library has been in French so I'm not sure if they would check the English side of the Staff Site to reply to your question. Last year was the first time the library ran a reading club. Although they didn't have any audiobooks, and didn't order any of the accessible TD Summer Reading Club notebooks, they considered including kids with disabilities right at planning stages of the program. The host offered a training session to the program monitors regarding kids with learning disabilities. She had previously worked with kids needing more attention, so this was a natural focus for her. The library wanted to make sure everyone could participate so they ensured kids with disabilities had a designated monitor. For such a small library who ran their first reading programming, we thought they made a great effort to make sure every child could participate.
by Rachel Breau
over 2 years ago
CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you if it wasn't for you these children won't have the benefits as other children. Thanks Again
by Fay Adam
over 2 years ago
Congratulations! I am wondering if they will share the details of their program so we can all learn and make our programs more accessible in the future. I would be most interested!
by Jill Griffith
over 2 years ago
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