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Don't forget to cast your vote for the 2019 theme

April 04, 2018

If you haven’t already voted in the 2018 theme poll, there’s still time! The poll closes on April 11, 2018, so cast your vote now!

Our Vote for 2019 in AMAZING
by Shaunavon Branch Library
about 3 years ago
All three ideas are fantastic, broad spectrum of activities and ideas to fuel the young minds. That was a tough choice.
by Rita
about 3 years ago
Can you fill these shoes? Learning about different vocations, basketball, nursing, doctors, chemists, teachers, kids, etc. and displaying shoes that people might wear who have one of many vocations, construction boots etc.
by Leslie Vye
about 3 years ago
My vote for 2019 is "Amazing" Thanks
by Bekah
about 3 years ago
First choice is Game On. Second is Amazing. Don't like the green/environment one. Question: why bother with themes at all if they're not meant to be public?
by Barb Janicek
about 3 years ago
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