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Free DVD courtesy of the National Film Board

May 02, 2019

The National Film Board (NFB) has compiled a list of films suitable for this year’s TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC) theme. Interested libraries may contact the NFB to obtain a free DVD that includes all of the films listed below, complete with the necessary public performance rights. In exchange for this free access, libraries screening these films are requested to share the total audience numbers for each screening with the NFB.

For more information and to obtain the films, please contact:

Florence François
Programming Agent, Public Libraries
NFB Film Club
Tel: 514-914-9253

Recommended NFB films for TD SRC 2019:

A Sea Turtle Story (9 min., 56 sec.)

Lightning  (1 min., 15 sec.)

Gravity  (1 min., 15 sec.)

The Moon Changes  (1 min., 15 sec.)

Ruzz and Ben (23 min., 46 sec.)

Scientifiq Piqniq (1 min., 31 sec.)

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods (8 min., 32 sec.)

A Cloud’s Dream (1 min., 29 sec.)