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Get Your Summer Read On: June 15 – 22, 2019

March 18, 2019

What is it?

Get Your Summer Read On (GYSRO) is the registration kickoff for the 2019 TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC) across Canada. As in past years, we’re asking all libraries to join in promoting the TD SRC with fun activities.

When is it?

Libraries are encouraged to host their activities on a day of their choice between Saturday, June 15 and Saturday, June 22, 2019.

Why are we doing this?

GYSRO unites all participating TD SRC libraries together in a focused effort. We want to convey the message that the TD SRC is a national club. The main objective of the day is to encourage registrations while raising overall awareness about the club.

Where do we report stats?

We’re asking participating libraries to keep track of how many registrations they receive on their GYSRO Day and report them back to us. Please submit the total number of kids registered on your GYSRO Day, along with your branch name/system name (as applicable) to by June 28, 2019.

What should my library do to prepare?

Choose your day and promote it:

Choose which day you would like to run your GYSRO event or program. Ensure you have all your TD SRC materials ready for the big day. We’ve created special Get Your Summer Read On posters that you can use for promotion:

Download the 8.5x11 Template Poster (PDF)

Download the 11x17 Template Poster (PDF)

Download the 8.5x11 Customizable Poster (Word)

Download the 11x17 Customizable Poster (Word)

Reach out to potential ambassadors:

We’ve created a customizable template that will assist you in reaching out to potential program ambassadors (e.g. local athletes, celebrities, politicians, and community helpers). The template provides an overview of the Club and invites ambassadors to spread the word through their social media networks. 

Download the Ambassador Overview

Invite local media:

We’ve created a customizable template that will assist you in reaching out to local media. The template provides background information on the Club and allows you to insert the events that you have planned for GYSRO Day. 

Download the Press Release Template

Promote your program on social media:

We’re taking social media up a notch this year! In addition to our Facebook and Twitter pages, we now have an Instagram account for the TD SRC. We have also created a 2019 TD Summer Reading Club board on Pinterest.

Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms are aimed towards the general public with the primary audience being parents and caregivers. But our Pinterest account is solely designed to provide you (library staff) with craft and activity ideas to help you run your summer reading programs.

Stay up to date by following the official TDSRC Facebook page (@TDSRC.CLETD), Twitter (@TDSRC_CLETD) and Instagram accounts (@TDSRC_CLETD). Be sure to tag us in your own social media messages so we can retweet and share your activities.

Consider using your library’s social media to:

  • Build excitement throughout June in anticipation of GYSRO Day and the TD SRC 
  • Promote TD SRC registration
  • Promote upcoming TD SRC programs and events
  • Run contests
  • Offer literacy tips for parents and encourage discussion with your patrons
  • Share photos or videos of TD SRC events
  • Connect and collaborate with other participating libraries across the country

On the day of your event, post photos on your social media feeds and use the hashtags #TDSRC or #CLETD to share your GYSRO day experience! Tag the official TD SRC Facebook page (@TDSRC.CLETD), Twitter (@TDSRC_CLETD) and Instagram accounts (@TDSRC_CLETD).

We’ve compiled some sample social media messages, tips, and images that you can use.

Download the Social Media Plan

We have also created a national protocol for TD SRC social media, which you can download and review.

Download the Social Media Protocol

GYSRO Headquarters

As part of our national efforts, three libraries—one serving an English-speaking population, one serving a French-speaking population, and one serving an Indigenous population—will be designated as GYSRO headquarters. These locations will feature special programming and include participation by our partners, including Toronto Public Library, Library and Archives Canada and TD Bank Group.

Ideas for GYSRO Day

Think about the ways you can encourage as many single-day registrations as possible on the day of your event. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to get you started.

Download Ideas for Get Your Summer Read On Day

Have another great idea? Let us know in the comment box so we can share it with the other libraries.

Make your events accessible

Encourage the participation of families with children of all abilities.  Here are some ways to do this.

  • Post information about your events online or through email so those using screen-readers or other accessible technology will know about your event. If you send printed material, follow the Clear Print Guidelines.
  • Ensure your library’s accessible entrances are easy to find and that the doors are working. For more information on how to make your events inclusive, consult the Planning Accessible Events guide.
  • Display the accessible notebook and “Spark Accessibility!” tent card to promote that your library offers accessible materials. Prepare staff, volunteers and summer students to be able to answer questions by reviewing the accessible formats and services you offer in your library and ensure they know how to sign someone up for CELA.
  • Add the braille book you received from CELA to your collection and put it in a place where kids CAN touch it!
  • Include audiobook, large print and other accessible formats in your displays.
  • Invite local branches of disability organizations to your GYSRO events by adapting the Template letter to community organizations

Questions? Comments?

Daniel Colangelo
Senior Services Specialist, TD Summer Reading Club
Tel: 416-393-7507