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Issue with Pre-Reader Notebook Content

June 03, 2021

One library has reported receiving misprinted pre-reader notebooks containing the school-age STEAM activities instead of the intended early literacy activities . These misprinted notebooks still have the correct pre-reader cover and centrefold colouring page. Please check your materials and email if you find any issues. We will replace as many of the misprinted pre-reader notebooks as possible, while supplies last. You can compare the content of your print notebooks to the printable versions posted on the Staff Site.

If necessary, parents can use the blank pages in the misprinted notebooks to log books for their pre-reader, as usual, and kids can use the centrefold colouring page. Parents interested in the early literacy tips and activities can find a printable version of the pre-reader notebook on our parent’s portal.

Thanks in advance for working with us to resolve this issue.