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Kids and Parent/Caregiver surveys are now available

August 09, 2018

Our Kids survey and Parent/Caregiver survey are now live on our website. The surveys are an important tool to help us evaluate and improve the TD Summer Reading Club. The surveys will be available from August 9, 2018 to September 28, 2018.

Please encourage parents, caregivers, and kids to visit our website and complete the survey. You can announce the survey with signs in your branch, on social media, and by mentioning it at your library programs and events. Collecting data from as many respondents as possible will allow us to make more informed decisions about the Club.

The information we gather from the surveys will be analyzed and then summarized in a report that will be shared with library members. This year, we are asking respondents to provide the name of their city, which will allow us to share additional information that is relevant to library members locally.

The TD SRC team thanks you in advance for your help with our continued efforts to evaluate and improve the Club.

Hi Deirdre, The parent/child survey is one of the scrolling options in the top navigation of
by Daniel
over 2 years ago
Where can the parent / child survey be found. Thank you.
by Deirdre
over 2 years ago
I am very happy with the program as it is set out. The provided website to guide Summer Reading Program Coordinators is very comprehensive and walks them through from start to finish. However, I like how it leaves room for creativity both for the coordinators and the children. It flows well and the children really appear to enjoy it while learning about themselves, the people around them and their environment. Keeping this program FREE to participants is very important to maintain, as there are many families who cannot afford the paid programming provided in our community. Thank you for the opportunities this program as afforded the children in our community and surrounding area.
by Yvonne Vankosky
over 2 years ago
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