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COVID-19 Update #7

May 29, 2020

The National Film Board (NFB) has compiled a list of films suitable for the 2020 TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC) theme.

There are two sets of films and modes of access. The first set is for libraries that can still organize public screenings. The second set offers free online access to a slightly different set of films at, which can be shared with your library patrons for home viewing. You can share the second set of films with your patrons in any way that you find suitable, including social media.

Set 1: Public screenings

Below is the selection of films announced in February, which some of you have already received on DVD. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, DVDs will no longer be mailed out this summer. However, the NFB can send you a link to download these films if you are still able to hold public screenings.

Nadine” (4 minutes)

Wapos Bay: There's No 'I' in Hockey” (24 minutes)

Mind Me Good Now!” (8 minutes) 

Soap-Box Derby” (21 minutes) 

Hedgehog’s Home” (10 minutes)

In exchange for this free access to the films, we ask all libraries to send the total audience numbers for each public screening to the NFB.

Set 2: Online access for patrons

This set has four of the films from the original set plus two new films.

Nadine” (4 minutes)

HA'Aki” (4 minutes)

Invasion of the Space Lobsters” (6 minutes)

Mind Me Good Now!” (8 minutes)

Soap-Box Derby” (22 minutes) (email to request a link)

Hedgehog's Home” (10 min)

For more information and to obtain the films, please contact:

Florence François
Programming Agent, Public Libraries
NFB Film Club
Tel: 514-914-9253