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TDSRC Teaser Video 2023 & Complementary NFB Films

June 12, 2023

View the TDSRC 2023 Teaser Video here. Enjoy it and share widely among school contacts, on social media or on your library website.


As well, see below for a reminder of this free opportunity through the National Film Board of Canada and find films to screen at your library this summer.


NFB compilation: Seeing is believing, or is it? (54 min)

·       In-person screenings: material can be requested in MP4 or DVD format (compilation of all 11 films), at the following address:

·       Individual online viewing: if your library wishes to use the streaming links provided on the TDSRC 2023 page (shared on the library’s social media page or website or via email to patrons), we ask that you contact us to let us know you will be


Any questions about the compilation can be directed to