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TD Summer Reading Club 2022—Once Upon a Time; Myths and Legends

September 27, 2021

For the past two summers, the TD Summer Reading Club has had the same theme: Game On! After being introduced in 2020, this theme was repeated in 2021 because of the pandemic. We put the results of our most recent theme vote on hold . . . until now!

Back in the spring of 2020, we asked library members to vote on four themes for the TD Summer Reading Club: “Curiosity,” “Once Upon a Time; Myths and Legends,” “Remix/Reimagine” and “Superheroes.” Over 1,000 votes were cast, and here are the results:

  • Once Upon a Time; Myths and Legends: 313
  • Curiosity: 269
  • Remix/Reimagine: 230
  • Superheroes: 196

Once Upon a Time; Myths and Legends was the most popular theme, so it will be used for the 2022 TD Summer Reading Club.

We developed a creative brief to fully explore the meaning of the theme and to guide the creation of content for 2022. The most pertinent sections of the creative brief appear below.

Please remember that for the past several years, our themes have not been public-facing. The phrase “Once Upon a Time; Myths and Legends” is meant to guide those developing the program content only; it is not intended to be used in publicity materials.

TD Summer Reading Club 2022 Campaign Identity: Once Upon a Time; Myths and Legends

Venture into magical realms where fantastic creatures roam and anything can (and will) happen. Discover the power of stories and storytelling to entertain and illuminate important lessons. Be enchanted by fairy and folk tales, old and new and from far and wide, as you journey through suspenseful twists and turns. Whatever the stories may be, they are bound to inspire you to imagine and even tell your own story.

Tone: Enchanting, mischievous, suspenseful, optimistic

Personality: Valiant, charming, clever, mysterious, plucky, persevering


We are pleased to announce that Rob Justus will illustrate the print materials and the website for the 2022 TD Summer Reading Club.

Rob loves to create stories and imagery that capture the wonder, excitement and mysteries of childhood, and the joy of exploration.

He is the author of the new middle-grade graphic novel series Death & Sparkles as well as several picture books, including Kid Coach, Cleano-Bot and Brave Enough (coming February 2022).

Rob lives in Ottawa, Ontario.