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TD Summer Reading Club 2023—Check This Out

September 12, 2022

In March, we asked library members to vote on potential themes for the 2023 edition of the TD Summer Reading Club. Close to 1,000 votes were cast, and the most popular theme was Cabinet of Curiosity.

While working on a creative brief to fully explore the meaning of the theme and guide the creation of content for 2023, the theme title changed to a related and more inclusive title: “Check This Out.” The most pertinent sections of the creative brief appear below.

The phrase “Check This Out” is meant to guide those developing the program content only; it is not intended to be used in publicity materials.

TD Summer Reading Club 2023 Campaign Identity: Check This Out

Do you like cool stuff, amazing facts and mysterious fiction? What makes you curious and creative? Explore your neighbourhood, library and the world around you. Show off your collections and creations. Have fun collaborating and creating new things with others.

Discover mysterious, bizarre and intriguing stories gathered from near and far and from our imaginations. What extraordinary treasures will you collect to remember your epic adventures this summer?

Tone: Passionate, Mysterious, Exuberant, Awestruck, Illuminating

Personality: Enigmatic, Intrepid, Inspired, Intriguing


We are pleased to announce that Nahid Kazemi will illustrate the print materials and the website for the 2023 TD Summer Reading Club.

Nahid came to Canada from Iran, a land full of mysterious and fascinating stories. After studying painting at the University of Art in Tehran, she published books for children all over the world as both an author and illustrator. Nahid endeavors to make kids curious about a story’s different layers of meaning through the details and mysterious ambiance she creates. 

Nahid’s recent picture books include Shahrzad & the Angry King, I’m Glad That You’re Happy, Arab Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook and The Sour Cherry Tree.

Nahid lives in Montreal, Quebec, and is trilingual, speaking English, French and Farsi.