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StoryWalk® pilot project for summer 2021!

February 11, 2021

The TD Summer Reading Club is pleased to announce a free StoryWalk® pilot project for summer 2021! A StoryWalk® is a fun, socially distanced activity that places a children’s book, page by page, on laminated poster boards along a path or in a park. Kids and their families have the opportunity to enjoy reading a book while strolling through their community.

This pilot project is free and available to libraries across Canada registered for the TD Summer Reading Club.


·        Our StoryWalk® book is The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do, by Ashley Spires, and is available in English, French and bilingual formats

·        StoryWalk® kits can be used by participating libraries for the summer of 2021, from June 13 to Labour Day

·        Includes 20 pages and stands, with these dimensions:  

o   Stands (21 inches high with 6 inch pegs for attaching the pages)

o   Coroplast pages (12 inches x 22 inches)

·        Installation

o   Push the bottom of the stand into soft ground (like a tent peg)

o   Insert a book page onto the metal pegs

o   Bend the pegs at an angle for easier viewing

o   If you don’t have greenspace: Tape the Coroplast book pages to outside walls for a socially distanced program

·        Quantities are limited (500)

·        Requires a Letter of Agreement in which libraries agree to the licensing terms and conditions, as well as to follow public health event guidelines

If you are interested in registering your library to receive a StoryWalk® kits, please contact Krista Cooke at by March 1, 2021.