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TD Summer Reading Club 2020—Game On!

September 25, 2019


In the spring, we asked library members to vote on four themes for the 2020 TD Summer Reading Club: “Conquer Your Fears/Heroes,” “Rhythm and Patterns,” “Game On!” and “Better Together.” Our thanks to everyone who voted!

A total of 1,201 votes were cast and the results were very close:

  • Game On!: 354 votes
  • Conquer Your Fears/Heroes: 308 votes
  • Rhythm and Patterns: 280 votes
  • Better Together: 259 votes

“Game On!” emerged as the favourite theme for 2020. As usual, we wrote a creative brief to fully explore the meaning of the theme and to guide the creation of all program content. Below are the most pertinent sections of the creative brief.

Please remember that for the last several years, our themes have not had a public-facing name. The phrase “Game On!” is only meant to guide those developing the program content and is not meant to be used in publicity materials.

Compelling Idea

TD Summer Reading Club 2020 Campaign Identity: Game On!

This summer, let’s gather together to cheer each other on as we achieve our personal best. We can play on a team, knowing we’re better together, or play on our own to see how far we can go. We’ll learn about our world, ourselves and each other through play and if we stumble along the way, we’ll get up laughing and keep on trying, because failing is sometimes part of the game.

Whether we’re playing in the library, online, around a table or in a field, independently or on a team, we’ll stretch our physical and mental limits and give it our best, for the love of the game. 


Dedicated, enthusiastic, optimistic, joyful


Active, fun, exhilarated, daring, confident


We are pleased to announce that Dave Whamond has been hired to illustrate the print materials and the website for the 2020 TD Summer Reading Club.

Dave has worked on over 30 books including Rosie’s Glasses, My Think-a-ma-Jink, the Oddrey series, Frank and Laverne, Nick the Sidekick, and a Robert Munsch book, Braids. His newest graphic novel, Alien Nate, comes out in early 2020. He has also just finished illustrating a new Robert Munsch book titled School Rules!

Dave lives in Calgary, Alberta, with his family and his dog, Aiko.