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Update: Sticker Sheet Delivery

May 09, 2022

In March, we notified libraries of a delay in the delivery of the 2022 TDSRC stickers due to global supply chain issues. Unfortunately, our printer has since informed us that it will not receive the label materials until mid-June. As a result, delivery of the school-age and pre-reader sticker sheets will take place towards the end of June.

In the meantime, a limited supply of surplus stickers from 2021 and 2019 are available. Please email Ashley-Ann Brooks at to place an order. We will fulfill orders on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. You will want to note for participants that these stickers do not complete the pre-reader centerfold image. Libraries will still receive their 2022 sticker sheets once they are ready.

The web access code stickers will go out in late May to early June as planned.

We will be reviewing 2023 print materials and timelines to avoid future delays.

Thanks for your patience while we navigate these fluctuating circumstances.