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Updates to the 2019 TD Summer Reading Club

April 17, 2019

We’re pleased to announce a number of updates and enhancements to the TD Summer Reading Club program for 2019!

Summer Learning

Libraries across Canada are increasing the impact of their summer programming by engaging kids in both summer reading and summer learning. We’ve responded by expanding our program content to better support libraries.

We produced more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) content for summer learning initiatives. The STEAM content can be found in the school-age notebook and throughout the various activities we’ve created, which you can consider hosting in your libraries. All of our activities now include specific learning competencies.

For more information and ideas, see the Urban Libraries Council page on summer learning.

Book Reports

Many libraries encourage kids to report to library staff about the books they read over the summer. Book reports are a great opportunity to get to know kids in your library and learn about their reading interests.

We’ve improved the book reporting questions and included some fun ways to determine which question to ask kids when they come to report on books, such as using an online spinner or a 3D printable wheel. We’ve also updated the templates for picture and written book reports.

Reading Tracking Sheets

We understand that some libraries track the number of items kids read, the total time that kids read, and the amount of time that kids spend in the library over the summer, in order to report these outcomes to your local stakeholders—even though we don’t collect this data at a national level.  

We’ve created some customizable reading challenge sheets that you can consider using in your library to help you track these statistics. The messaging on the challenge sheets is completely up to your library; you can add text to suit your collection metric, then print and distribute the sheets to participants.

Downloadable Outreach PowerPoint Presentations

We’ve designed several customizable PowerPoint presentations for you. One presentation is for training other library staff, and the other two are geared for kids: one informational and one fun outreach activity. Please feel free to add or remove slides to suit your specific location:

3D Printed Promotional Material

Does your library have a 3D printer? We’ve designed some 3D print files that you can download and print to showcase your technology and promote the Club. The printed material can be distributed to kids as prizes over the summer!

An Updated Registration Form

We’ve created a more user-friendly registration form, which will tabulate key statistics that you will need to report on at the end of the summer.

More Information

For full details on running the TD Summer Reading Club at your library, browse through all the sections on our staff site, which contains all you need to know to run a great Club this summer.

Questions? Comments?

Daniel Colangelo
Senior Services Specialist, TD Summer Reading Club
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