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What do I do with the Accessible Notebook?

July 25, 2017

What do I do with the Accessible Notebook?

As part of your TD Summer Reading Club materials, you would have received one copy of the Accessible Notebook containing the same welcome messages, reading activities and space for kids to record the books they read this summer. This notebook comes in large print, braille, audio and e-text formats so that kids with print disabilities, meaning they have difficulty reading print due to a learning, physical or visual disability may participate equally in the club.

How do I use the Accessible Notebook?

Familiarize yourself with the notebook. We recommend you watch the video Your accessible TDSRC 2017 (YouTube) to get started.

Make the notebook visible. Some print disabilities are invisible (would you know that someone has dyslexia unless they told you?) so you may not know a child would benefit from having the Accessible Notebook. Display it along with your other TD Summer Reading Club materials.

Track copies you hand out. At the end of the summer, CELA sends a survey to participating libraries to ask how many Accessible Notebooks were given out in the summer.   

Learn more about making your TD Summer Reading Club inclusive by visiting We have tips and videos on how to make children's activities and crafts accessible and information on how to order books in accessible format from CELA.

Have a great summer!

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