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Outreach and Promotion


Children with print disabilities

Be sure to consider children with print disabilities in all of your outreach and promotion activities. Visit the Plan for Accessibility page for materials and resources.

Outreach to schools

Forming a partnership with your local schools is a great way to promote the TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC) and reach more kids. Contact local schools in the spring and arrange a visit to promote this summer’s Club. You can visit individual classes, groups of classes, or even ask to take part in a school assembly.

Consider making a sample package of TD SRC materials for the schools’ teacher-librarians or principals. We’ve prepared customizable memos that explain the benefits of TD SRC, which can be sent out to schools along with the material.

  • Memo to teachers and teacher-librarians [coming soon]
  • Memo to principals [coming soon]

Presenting at schools

Allow at least 10 minutes for your presentation. Consider wearing a costume related to the “Game On!” theme, or dress as a favourite character in a book.

Our Join the Club! presentation highlights the important elements of the 2020 program. Add content to the presentation as desired to fit your local program, or create your own presentation using our branded PowerPoint Template. Be sure to bring along some of the print material and prizes for a show-and-tell.

Consider adding a fun element tailored to the size and age range of the group, such as an interactive story, picture book, book talk or magic trick (the Crayon ESP is a simple and fun trick to learn). We’ve created a TD SRC Silly Story to help you promote the Club in a fun way that works well for groups of any size. To use the Silly Story, prompt kids for a list of words and add them to the story before reading it out loud.

The fortune teller is another fun and simple way to promote the Club. Kids can add their own fortunes to the blank spaces and then fold them to play with others.

Visit the Activities page for more great ideas to try during school outreach visits. Here are our recommended activities to promote the Club.

Outreach to parents with babies and preschoolers

Our pre-reader notebook is designed for parents and caregivers to use with young children (ages 0–5). During outreach visits to parental groups, highlight that the notebook includes activity ideas based on five skill-building practices—talk, sing, play, write, and read—for them to engage in with their child. When practised every day, the activities will build language skills and can help their child become a reader. It’s important to highlight that the program materials will even benefit babies—encourage everyone to join the Club!

During an outreach visit to groups with toddlers and babies, consider combining some of the age-appropriate recommended books with our Olympic Rhymes and Songs activity.

Outreach to summer camps, summer schools and childcare centres

Children who are enrolled in summer-long activities such as day camps and summer schools often have difficulty participating in TD SRC through their library. Instead, you can go to them!

To help you reach out to these organizations, you can download and edit our community memo, which explains the TD SRC and highlights its benefits:

  • Memo to community organizations [coming soon]

Get to know your community and the places that could benefit from outreach, such as the following:

  • Summer day camps (municipal parks and recreation programs, private day camps, charity-run day camps, YM/YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs) 
  • Childcare centres 
  • Community and public housing projects 
  • Faith-based programs 
  • Multicultural and immigrant services agencies and programs 

Outreach to summer camps and childcare centres can take several forms:

  • Programs at a camp or childcare centre: Library staff or volunteers make trips to the camp or childcare centre to register children in the Club and offer activities.
  • Visits to the library: Kids and childcare workers visit the library for special activities. They could take part in regularly scheduled events or have special programs presented to them by library staff. All kids would be encouraged to register for the TD SRC during the visits. 
  • Onsite administration: The library provides TD SRC program materials and registration instructions to the camp or daycare, and the staff there register children in the TD SRC and administer the program onsite. We’ve created a simple tip sheet [coming soon] that explains TD SRC to camp or daycare staff.


  • You may need to order extra TD SRC materials if you are planning a significant outreach program
  • Be sure to collect registration statistics from any registrations done outside your library
  • Follow up with staff at any camps or daycares at the end of summer to get feedback on how the program worked and how future collaborations can be improved

Outreach to other community groups

In addition to working with children in formal care or camp situations, you can also take the TD SRC into the community by working with groups and agencies. Some potential groups are:

  • Girl Guides and Scouts 
  • family literacy agencies 
  • community information and health centres 
  • family shelters 
  • hospitals 
  • organizations serving children with disabilities such as CNIB, the Learning Disabilities Association, and Community Living

You can also look for opportunities to highlight the TD SRC at community events and locations such as:

  • Canada Day and other community celebrations 
  • local fairs 
  • community picnics and outdoor events 
  • local sporting events, hockey rinks, and swimming pools

Multilingual welcome message for parents and caregivers

We created a simple message to explain the TD Summer Reading Club to parents and caregivers. It is available for you to download and print as needed, in English and French as well as these languages.










At the bottom of each message, there is space for you to add your library’s URL and logo.


Decorate your library

Illustrations by our 2020 artist, Dave Whamond, are available on our Images page. Staff can use the images on display boards, program flyers or throughout the library to advertise the Club.

Engage kids and celebrate their reading achievements by having them write their name and favourite book on a shape. Use the shapes to decorate your branch.

Follow us on Pinterest for great display ideas throughout the summer.

Book displays

Our Recommended Reads page is a great place to start when creating book displays. Aside from the books on our list, we’re certain you’ll have a lot of material on your shelves to create effective displays with this year’s “Game On!” theme.

Get Your Summer Read On Day

Libraries are encouraged to host their “Get Your Summer Read On Day!” events or activities on a day of their choice from June 13–27, 2020. We’ll share more information and provide resources for this initiative in a blog post in March 2020.

Advertise in your local newspaper

Send copies of the program and promotional materials, along with information about the Club and the TD SRC website, to your local newspaper. The paper might be willing to run a story about the program and interview a staff member. If your budget allows, consider buying space in the paper as well. Our print ad templates will make this easier than ever! Please be sure to adhere to the brand guidelines when designing your ad.

Local television and radio

Send your local cable and radio channels sample program materials and a brief description of the program. Offer to come and speak about the summer of fun that the library has planned. For television broadcasts, take the print materials and explain how children can register, collect stickers and track reading in their notebooks and on the website.

Promote your program using social media

Social media is a great way to promote the TD SRC and interact with a wide range of people.

We have official Facebook and Twitter pages for the TD SRC. Our primary target audience is parents and caregivers. We want them to see how accessible, welcoming, engaging, fun, inclusive, inspiring and flexible the TD SRC is!

If you haven’t done so already, please follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest news and events, and start sharing your library posts. The official social media usernames for the TD SRC are @TDSRC_CLETD for Twitter and @TDSRC.CLETD for Facebook. The official hashtag is #TDSRC. We also have social media banners you can use on your library’s social media accounts.

Here are some ways you can help us grow our community of readers across Canada:

  • Like and follow our national Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Invite your network—parents, friends and family—to like us too
  • Comment on, like and share our posts
  • Write a personal review of the program or encourage families who have participated in the past to write a review
  • Use the @mention or tag us when you post relevant content about the TD SRC so we can share and promote your activities throughout the summer (please use @TDSRC_CLETD for Twitter and @TDSRC.CLETD for Facebook)

Additionally, consider using your library’s social media to:

  • build excitement throughout June in anticipation of the TD SRC 
  • encourage TD SRC registration
  • promote upcoming TD SRC programs and events
  • run contests
  • offer literacy tips for parents and encourage discussion with your patrons
  • share photos or videos of TD SRC events
  • connect and collaborate with other participating libraries across the country

Have fun!

When library staff are enthusiastic about the Club, it’s infectious and the kids will have a great time. So have fun and be creative!