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Teaser Video

We’re excited to share our 2020 TD Summer Reading Club teaser video! You can send along to your school contacts. The video highlights the key features of the Club.

Promote the Club using social media

Social media is a great way to promote the TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC). It is also a means to let parents know that they can register their kids for the Club on our website starting in mid-June.

We have official Facebook and Twitter accounts for the TD SRC. Parents and caregivers are the primary target audience for these platforms. We want them to see how accessible, welcoming, engaging, fun, inclusive, inspiring and flexible the TD SRC is!

If you haven’t already done so, please follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest news and events. You can also share your library posts with us for amplification. The official social media usernames for the TD SRC are @TDSRC_CLETD for Twitter and @TDSRC.CLETD for Facebook. The official hashtag is #TDSRC. We also have social media banners you can use on your library’s social media accounts.

Here are some ways you can help us grow our community of readers across Canada:

  • Like and follow our national Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Invite your network—parents, friends and family—to like us too
  • Comment on, like and share our posts
  • Write a personal review of the program or encourage families who have participated in the past to write a review
  • Use the @mention or tag us when you post relevant content about the TD SRC

Additionally, consider using your library’s social media to:

  • build excitement throughout June in anticipation of the TD SRC 
  • encourage TD SRC registration on our website starting in mid-June
  • run contests
  • offer literacy tips for parents and encourage discussion with your patrons
  • connect and collaborate with other participating libraries across the country

Promote the Club on your library’s website

Use your library’s website to promote the TD SRC. Ask your web team to create a special page, banner or icon for the TD SRC. On that page, you can include information on the Club and link kids and parents directly to our website to register.

Advertise in your local newspaper

Send copies of the program and promotional materials, along with information about the Club and the TD SRC website, to your local newspaper. The paper might be willing to run a story about the program and interview a staff member. If your budget allows, consider buying space in the paper as well. Our print ad templates will make this easier than ever! Please be sure to adhere to the brand guidelines when designing your ad.

Local television and radio

Send your local cable and radio channels a brief description of the Club and ask that they encourage parents and caregivers to register kids online. For television broadcasts, take the print materials and explain how children can register, collect stickers and track reading in their notebooks and on the website.