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NFB films corresponding to the TDSRC 2023 theme

The National Film Board (NFB) has compiled a list of films suitable for the 2023 TD Summer Reading Club (TDSRC) Check This Out theme.

Seeing is believing, or is it? (54 minutes)

The Danish Poet (15 minutes)

The Great List of Everything | Season 1 | The Stamp (2 minutes)

Invasion of the Space Lobsters (6 minutes)

The Great List of Everything | Season 1 | The Clock (2 minutes)

The Mountain of SGaana (10 minutes)

The Great List of Everything | Season 1 | The Swimsuit (2 minutes)

Collector (1 minutes)

The Great List of Everything | Season 1 | | The Glasses (2 minutes)

How Dinosaurs Learned to Fly (6 minutes)

The Great List of Everything | Season 1 | The French Fries (2 minutes)

Freaks of Nurture (6 minutes).

(See list of films in French.)

There are two modes of access to present these NFB films:

  • Individual online streaming: You can share the links to the films listed above with your patrons, for example through social media and on your library’s website. You can also send the links in an email.

  • In-person screenings*: Request a DVD, Blu-ray disc or MP4 file. All the films listed will be presented as one program on the same disc or MP4 file.

Steps to access the films:

1. Decide how you want to present the films. Email your choice(s) to

Indicate the date, time and location of the public screening(s) in your email, or specify if the links to the films will be on your library page or your social media pages throughout the summer. Since the films are subject to restrictions on public performance rights, admission to all public screenings and online access must be free.

2. Upon receiving the films, test them to ensure they work with your software and equipment.

3. In addition to your usual promotional efforts, consider promoting the films and your screenings in these ways:

  • NFB events page: When you provide the date of a public screening, the NFB will promote your screening on their events page. You can use this event page listing to advertise your screening by including the link on your website or social media pages.

  • Electronic press kit: For some titles, the NFB can provide you with the electronic press kit, which contains additional images and information including a trailer, synopsis, biography of the filmmaker, and credits. This can help you promote the film or start a discussion after the screening, if desired.

  • Social media: If, to advertise your screening, you create an event page on Facebook, simply add the NFB as a co-organizer. The NFB will be able to make your event known to their social media subscribers. You can enrich your event page with images, excerpts and descriptions from the film's electronic press kit.

Please consider recognizing the contribution of the NFB in all of your promotions by including the logo, a link to the website, or a byline indicating the film is provided by the National Film Board of Canada.

4. After each public screening (or every week/month), send the total audience numbers to Approximate counts are acceptable.

5. After the screening or after the summer, all DVDs and Blu-ray discs must be returned to the NFB by post or destroyed (if unable to return). Downloaded electronic movie files must also be deleted. The NFB is committed to complying with these restrictions on copyright and, in doing so, to respecting the work of the artists, technicians and professionals who have contributed to these productions.

If you would like to keep a film in your library’s collection, you can purchase it by contacting customer service at

For more information and to obtain the films for your activities this summer, please contact:

*Your library cannot use online streaming for in-person screenings. It would violate the rights related to the productions. However, you could do so by subscribing to Campus, the NFB’s online media portal for education.