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Print Elements of the Program

Program Materials


There are two versions of the notebook—one for pre-readers (recommended for children ages 0–5) and their parents or caregivers, and the other for school-age children (recommended for ages 6–12). The notebooks are bilingual: both versions of the notebook are laid out in a flipped style, with English comprising one half and French the other.

Each child who joins the program receives an age-appropriate notebook at registration.

Pre-reader notebook


The 2020 pre-reader notebook is designed for parents and caregivers to use with their children aged 0–5. It includes the following:

  • Activity suggestions designed around five skill-building practices—talk, sing, play, write and read—to help raise a reader
  • Space to record items read or listened to, collect stickers, record the number of minutes read, or draw pictures
  • Fun challenges to try out over the summer
  • A summer recap page to record favourite summer activities
  • A program certificate to be used once a reading goal is reached
  • A centerfold colouring page

School-age notebook


The 2020 school-age notebook is designed for children aged 6–12. It includes the following:

  • Recommended STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities
  • Space to record an individual summer reading goal, items read or listened to, and the number of minutes read, as well as space to collect stickers or draw pictures
  • A summer checklist with twelve challenges
  • Comic illustrations with blank speech bubbles for kids to fill in with their own captions
  • A web advertisement with a trivia question and an illustrated joke, which encourages kids to visit our website
  • A program certificate to be signed off once an established reading goal is achieved
  • A centerfold board game that encourages kids to invent their own rules and add content to the game board

Accessible notebooks

Libraries will receive large print notebooks and a promotional item to display to let families know that libraries offer accessible materials. Libraries should receive these in May. 

Please see the Plan for Accessibility page for more information about accessible notebooks in a variety of formats (audio, large print, braille and open dyslexic font) and for practical tips to ensure your Club is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Web access sticker


The web access code is printed on a sticker that children can stick onto the inside cover of their notebook. Children enter their web access code on the TD Summer Reading Club website (live as of mid-June 2020). Each sticker contains a unique code that enables kids and families to create an online notebook, read ebooks and track reading.

This item is bilingual.

Each child who joins the program receives a web access code sticker at registration.



There are 12 stickers on a perforated sheet, including two stickers with the TD Summer Reading Club logos and website URL—one English and one French. Stickers can be used as reading incentives by library staff or by parents and caregivers.

Promotional Materials

Fortune teller


The fortune teller includes folding instructions, jokes, encouragement to join the Club and updated fortunes that kids of all ages will enjoy.

This item is perfect to use as a promotional item before summer starts, to increase anticipation and excitement about joining the Club. For example, you can distribute them to children during class visits to your library or when you make outreach visits in your community. You may also opt to give one to each child at registration or to have it available as a take-away item in your library throughout the summer.

The fortune teller contains six fortunes and two spaces where children can write in their own fortunes.

There is an English fortune teller and a French fortune teller. 

Top recommended reads


This brochure features the recommended reads in English and French as well as information for parents and caregivers, including the importance of summer reading, how to participate, reading tips, and how to find us online. This item would be ideal to provide to schools for inclusion in year-end report cards, and you may also wish to make quantities available in your libraries as a tool for staff to use when describing the Club to parents and caregivers.

This item is bilingual.



The 11 x 17 inch promotional posters may be displayed in your library or posted in your community to promote the Club. There is space at the bottom of the poster to add your library’s information.

This item is bilingual (English on one side, French on the reverse).