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Print Elements of the Program

Program materials

Download our quick guide [coming soon] to all of the program material to share with staff at your library. 


The pre-reader and school-age notebooks have been designed with larger font, less text and more white space than in previous years, making them more accessible for participants of varying abilities. There will no longer be a separate accessible notebook sent to libraries. 

The notebooks will be produced in a variety of other accessible formats: audio, braille, accessible PDF and OpenDyslexic font. These will be available for download on the accessibility page of the TDSRC kids’ website and the plan for accessibility page of the staff website. 

Pre-reader notebook

The bilingual pre-reader notebook[coming soon] is designed for parents and caregivers to use with children aged 0 to 5. It includes the following:

  • Information on ways to raise a reader through talking, singing, playing, writing and reading
  • Book recommendations
  • Details on finding accessible format books
  • A summer bingo challenge
  • Space to record items read or listened to, record the number of minutes read, or draw pictures
  • A summer recap page
  • A program certificate
  • An illustration of a cabinet with space for kids to draw their favourite summer treasures

School-age notebook

The bilingual school-age notebook[coming soon] is designed for kids aged 6 to 12. It includes the following:

  • A summary of things kids can do on the TDSRC kids’ website
  • Space to record an individual summer reading goal
  • A word bank where kids can keep track of new words or special passages
  • A summer bingo challenge
  • Book recommendations
  • Details on finding accessible format books
  • Space to record items read or listened to, record the number of minutes read, or draw pictures
  • A comic-captioning activity
  • A finish-the-drawing activity
  • A program certificate
  • A board game

Web access code sticker

The web access code is printed on a sticker that kids can attach to the inside cover of their notebook. Each sticker contains a unique code that gives kids and families access to the TD Summer Reading Club website where they can create an online notebook to track their reading, read free e-books, share jokes, write stories and do other fun activities. The kids’ site will be live as of June 12, 2023.

Please note that kids can also generate a web access code directly on our website.

This item is bilingual.


There are 12 stickers on a perforated sheet, including two with the TD Summer Reading Club logos and website URL—one in English and one in French. Stickers can be used as reading incentives by library staff or by parents and caregivers.

Promotional materials

Corner bookmark

The corner bookmark [coming soon] includes folding instructions, jokes and encouragement to join the Club.

This item is a great promotional tool that can be used before summer starts to increase anticipation and excitement about joining the Club. For example, you can distribute them to kids during class visits or outreach.

Top recommended reads

This brochure features the recommended reads in English and French as well as information for parents and caregivers, including the importance of summer reading, how to participate, reading tips and how to find us online.

You may consider providing quanties to schools for inclusion in year-end report cards.

The digital version [coming soon] of the brochure can be shared electronically with your contacts.

This item is bilingual.


The 11” x 17” promotional posters may be displayed in your library or posted in your community to promote the Club. There is space at the bottom of the poster to add your library’s information.

This item is bilingual (English on one side, French on the other).