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Get Your Summer Read On Day

May 04, 2018

What is it?

Get Your Summer Read On (GYSRO) Day is the registration kickoff for the 2018 TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC) across Canada. As in past years, we’re asking all libraries to join in promoting the TD SRC with fun activities.

When is it?

To make it easier for more libraries to participate in this nationwide registration drive, this year libraries are encouraged to host their activities on a day of their choice between Saturday June 16 and Saturday June 23, 2018.

Why are we doing this?

GYSRO Day unites all participating TD SRC libraries together in a focused effort. We really want to convey the message that the TD SRC is a national club. The main objective of the day is to encourage registrations while raising overall awareness about the club.

Where do we report stats?

We’re asking participating libraries to keep track of how many registrations they receive on their GYSRO Day and report them back to us. Please submit the total number of kids registered on your GYSRO Day, along with your branch name/system name (as applicable) to by June 29, 2018.

What should my library do to prepare?

Bookmark the day: Ensure you have all your TD SRC materials ready for the big day. It’s never too early to start promoting to the public and informing your staff. We’ve provided you with a template poster, as well as a customizable one so you can add in any special programming you’re doing.

Download the Template Poster

Download the Customizable Poster

Set targets: Every library is different. What does success look like to you? Identify a realistic (but ambitious!) number of registrations you hope to do that day.

Plan your day: Libraries come in all shapes and sizes. Some libraries may have special programming budgets for the day. Others may be more limited. We’ve thought of some low-cost, high-impact ideas to help you make your day a success. See Appendix 1 (below) for ideas.

Create incentives: Why should kids register on GYSRO Day? Why not the following week? Remember, our goal is to get as many single-day registrations as possible. Can your library offer prize draws for the kids who register? What about a special giveaway item?

Create a social media plan: Social media platforms are great for gaining attention, reaching out and engaging with our audiences. Think about how you can promote to your audience in the days and weeks leading up to the day and on the day itself. This year, we’ve compiled some sample social media messages, tips, and images that you can use. Remember to follow the official TDSRC Facebook page and Twitter account @TDSRC_CLETD and tag us so we can retweet and share your activities.

Download the Social Media Plan

Reach out to potential ambassadors: We’ve created a customizable template that will assist you in reaching out to potential program ambassadors (e.g. local athletes, celebrities, politicians, and community helpers). The template provides an overview of the Club and invites ambassadors to spread the word through their social media networks.

Download the Ambassador Overview

Invite local media: We’ve created a customizable template that will assist you in reaching out to local media. The template provides background information on the Club and allows you to insert the events that you have planned for GYRSO Day.

Download the Press Release Template

What else is going on?

As part of our national efforts, three libraries in the following locations will be designated as GYSRO headquarters:

  • June 16: Quebec City, QC
  • June 21: Walpole Island, ON
  • June 23: Spruce Grove, AB

These locations will feature special programming and include participation by our partners, including Toronto Public Library, Library and Archives Canada and TD Bank Group.

Questions? Comments?

Daniel Colangelo
Senior Services Specialist, TD Summer Reading Club
Tel: 416-393-7507

Appendix 1

Here are some ideas to get you started. Have another great idea? Let us know so we can share it with the other libraries.

Remember: Think about the ways you can activate your library to encourage as many single-day registrations as possible on the day of your event.  

  • Invite local celebrities, athletes, authors, illustrators, politicians, or community helpers to participate in story times or events throughout the day. Consider asking them to act as TD Summer Reading Club ambassadors, to help promote the program via social media.

  • If you have regularly scheduled programming that day (e.g. a weekly story time or craft program), make it a TD SRC program! Read books from the recommended reads list and do a craft or activity from the national website:

  • Every child who registers could receive a nametag that allows them to write their name and favourite passion. The nametag can be placed onto a display board or worn by the child. Encourage library staff to do the same!

  • Create an interactive poll. Every child that registers gets to vote on something (e.g. favourite sport, favourite hobby, favourite animal, etc.).

  • Decorate your library with TDSRC inspired bunting, streamers, paper lanterns, or coloured illustrations from Anne Villeneuve:

  • Set up a table or shelves displaying books from this year’s TDSRC Recommended Reads list:

  • Create a registration tracking display. Each child who registers receives a template and writes their name on it, which feeds onto a larger display board (e.g. Star templates that feed onto a “Walk of Fame,” leaf templates that feed onto a large tree, insects and/or animal templates onto a landscape, sea creature templates into an underwater scene, etc.)

  • Hold a countdown and ribbon cutting ceremony just before registration and your activities begin. Gather everyone behind a ribbon strung in front of your registration area and countdown from ten. When the countdown reaches zero, lead a cheer, ring a bell, wave balloons or flags, etc., then cut the ribbon and let everyone in and start registering!

  • Create a “reveal” board. Use sticky notes to cover up an image; you can use the images produced by Anne Villeneuve that are available on the national website. Each child who registers can pull off one sticky note and guess what the image is.

  • Create a photo booth. Enlarge the illustrations created by 2018 TD SRC artist Anne Villeneuve to decorate your booth. Have silly hats and clothing accessories (e.g. oversized sunglasses, scarves) for kids to wear for their photos. Each child who registers for the program can take photos in the booth—ask if these can be shared to social media!

  • Are you paired with a sister library? Share with them a progress report of how many registrations you have done throughout the day. Exchange social media messages with one another and share photos. Have each child who registers create a “postcard” with a drawing and message to the kids at your sister library and send them after GYSRO day. 

  • Throughout the day, post photos on your social media feeds and use the hashtags #TDSRC or #CLETD to share your GYSRO day experience! Tag the official TD SRC Facebook page and Twitter account @TDSRC_CLETD